Edward is only two years old but has had one eye removed by surgery followed by chemotherapy treatments and is now going through radiotherapy.

He will need more tests and possibly further surgeries until it is safe to have re -constructive surgery for a new eye.

Little Edward is as active as a normal healthy toddler except for his circumstances and a life threatening illness like cancer.
Our little ‘champion’ was diagnosed with Retino Blastoma earlier this year which is cancer of the eye in lay terms. He is a fighter who’s gone through so much in his little life that many an adult may not go through in a lifetime.

LAT has been supporting him financially under the specialist care of Pediatric Oncologist
Dr Lorna Renner.

Cancer treatments cost a fortune especially in developing countries. We see a lot of children like Edward who need a lifeline to survive. Unfortunately, we lose many of them due to lack of funding. Such families already face unimaginable challenges like day to day care and it is extremely stressful when faced with a seriously ill child to cope with.

The challenges we face far outweighs the amount of help we can give because we are not funded by any government or other major organisations.
Our contributions come purely from the generosity of family, friends, well-wishers and the general public.
We are therefore appealing for help for these precious brave children.

Please donate now to give them a chance to live healthy lives. They have so much to live for!
No contribution is too small.

***Little Edward sadly died on the 18th October 2010 at the Korle-bu Hospital Children’s Block, Accra-West Africa. LAT continues to support numerous children like him. Join us save more lives.

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