Little Angels Trust Featured Putting The Child First: The LAT Commitment

Putting The Child First: The LAT Commitment

Little Angels Trust organization is committed to the full development of the child. We believe that diseases, especially those which can be cured, should not pose a hindrance to a child’s development.

The ‘Angelhood’ is a team of dedicated, committed and passionate professional volunteers offering their skills, expertise and experiences for a common goal: To make a difference no matter how small.

Over the last few years the Charity has supported:

Individuals and Families in the United Kingdom and abroad
Day Care Centres in Ghana, West Africa
Special Needs children with severe mental and physical disabilities, Accra-Ghana
Korlebu Teaching Hospital Children’s Block, Accra-Ghana
Great Ormond Street Hospital in United Kingdom

We ask you to join on this noble cause. Your input, no matter how small is welcome.


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