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Little Angels Trust Children’s Charity is an independent Charitable Organisation with a very deep passion for helping children with life-threatening illnesses like cancer here in the United Kingdom and in developing countries like Ghana, West Africa.

The ‘Angelhood’ is a team of dedicated, committed and passionate volunteers offering their skills, expertise and experiences for a common goal: To make a difference, no matter how small.


Little Angels Trust works primarily by raising funds to support families to pay for cancer treatments. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and have supported patients and their families pay for treatments.

LAT also provides periodic relief and social activities at the Cancer Ward of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital through donations and special events.

Over the last few years the Charity has supported:

  • Individuals and Families in the United Kingdom and abroad
  • Day Care Centres in Ghana, West Africa
  • Special Needs children with severe mental and physical disabilities, Accra-Ghana
  • Korlebu Teaching Hospital Children’s Block, Accra-Ghana
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital in United Kingdom

Captivating_Pink_Bear_24_cm_89070892843712Pink_e5d6dba8WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP

When our team visited the two main hospitals for the first time in Ghana to see how we could help, we were not prepared to say the least. This is an experience none of us would ever forget in a hurry. We had to act quickly to raise the awareness for more help and support especially the  case of mentally and physically disabled children. Very little is known about these special children who are either abandoned, or both parents are in similar or worse conditions and cannot care for them.

Donations go toward:

  • Hospital Scans and Initial Tests or Examinations
  • Life Saving Surgeries for children with critical illness, like cancer
  • Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy treatments
  • Creating Recreational areas within the hospitals which help patients refocus their attention and also aid the healing process.

It goes without saying that the medical staff and experienced nurses/carers are in many cases dedicated, outstanding and devoted to the well-being of the children in their care.

They do their best but are very much overstretched and need all the help they can get.IMG_9372



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  • Hi,
    I have just taken part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s Brave the Shave and have 2 long ponytails of hair approx 7 inches. I was wondering if they would be of any use to you, maybe to make hairpieces for children who have been through Chemotherapy.

    Please let me know if you would like me to send them to you, or of any other organisations that could make use of them.

    Kindest Regards

    Sharon Summers

  • i wante to stady dont have saport

  • Hi my name is Vicky my niece Fay lost her life last year to cancer. I am going to do a charity night I Fays name and I will be cutting my hair off and would like to donate my hair to a child or 2 so they can have wigs made. I don’t know how to go about donating my hair and I was told you maybe able to point me in the right direction.

    Thank you

  • Samanda And Ersa Buçpapaj

    Thank you very much to Tracy health visitor, for supporting with a lot of things for me and my baby 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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