by Mar 4, 2023


Our Trustees help steer the affairs of the Charity and serve as responsible custodians.

Dame Lavinia Enim

(Founder and Chair of Trustees)

Lavinia Enim, Founder and Chair of Trustees, has a deep heart for seriously and terminally ill children, and strives to help many more. Through her past ordeals, Lavinia has become an astute woman who is enthusiastic about helping others. This has empowered her to start a charity to eliminate the distress in children going through life-threatening illnesses.

Bridget Evans-Acquah


Bridget has served in different ways from the very beginning. She uses her professional skills and experiences to fill out any role that is required without a fuss. Bridget also oversees the fundraising events as well as the Charity’s online shopping activities to raise more funds to support LAT.

Dr. Emily Gogo


Emily is a medical doctor and Hodgkins lymphoma survivor. She is our Campaign and Childhood Cancer Advocate. Her life experiences have sparked a passion to help others. Her life goal is to help children and their families across the world battling cancer and other illnesses. Doc, hopes to continue to raise money and awareness for children in Ghana and continues to value and contribute to the great work of Little Angles Trust.

Kwadwo Kwakye Frimpong


Kwadwo Kwakye Frimpong is our current Treasurer. He has a long-standing career and a range of experiences in the accounting profession.

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