Why We Help

While we may not be able to take away their pain and suffering altogether, we can help them refocus their attention on other ways and help them smile through their pain.

This is such a priceless gift!

Your donations will help us to create cheerful and happy recreational centres within these hospitals to aid the recovery and healing process. Some of these brave children’s conditions may be terminal, so each day is a bonus and they need our help. Every little bit goes a long way so come on and be an Angel.

Thank You.


Children’s Ward, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Ghana

16426271_10154506662448049_4318648551898440704_nAppeal Fund for Our ‘Adopted Special Needs’ Children’s Project!

No contribution is too small.

We have a very exciting project for our Special Needs children at the Psychiatric Hospital Children’s Ward and we are appealing to you for help.

Little Angels Trust, over the past few years, has been visiting these forgotten Special Needs Children interact and cheer them up, especially at our ‘Christmas Party of Hope’ celebrations. It has been the Charity’s desire to take the children out for a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ at least once a year but it has not been possible for a variety of reasons.

However, on the premises of the Hospital sits an abandoned playground which we discovered last year through the kind prompting of one medical official. We jumped at this golden opportunity to bring it back to life so we can, on Christmas and other occasions, bring these children out without the often elaborate planning, costs and other challenges associated with taking such severely disabled children out of their boundaries.

Little Angels Trust  is therefore appealing for your support to make this a reality for the children. Can you help?




The Rainbow Recreational Project

The Rainbow Recreational Project is a Play and Learn centre at the Cancer Unit. Department of Child Health, Korle-bu Teaching Hospital- Accra, Ghana. This gives the children a chance to interact with each other, allowing them to divert their attention from their health to playing and learning with other children, as many of them do not go to school due to their health conditions.