Mama Betty’s Birthday at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

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Mama Betty’s Birthday at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

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On Tuesday 26th September, 2023 Mama Betty Agyeman, a guiding light and a cherished partner in our cause, celebrated her 70th birthday with our little angels at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital. Her birthday became a symbol of both personal joy and a shared commitment to supporting and uplifting these courageous souls.

Rev. Coulson spots LAT

Accompanied by our hardworking volunteers, she distributed gifts to the brave little ones. The days event as usual marked a testament of the power of collective kindness and the impact of every shared moment. 

We are grateful to Mama Betty for this wonderful gesture and it is our prayer that the good Lord bless her.

Though the specific day has passed, the spirit of compassion and unity continues to reverberate. Let us carry forward the lessons learned, standing as advocates for these children and their families. Let us nurture a world where their resilience is celebrated, their dreams are supported, and where love and empathy pave the path toward healing and brighter tomorrows.

Childhood Cancer doesn’t end after September. We continue to create more awareness and seek to keep raising resources to help children.

Support a brave little angel today.

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You play an invaluable role in helping us to be there for seriously ill children. We’ll work with you to create a partnership that changes the lives of the children and families we support.


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