The Little Angels Trust Convalescent Home

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The Little Angels Trust Convalescent Home

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Raising awareness and funds to provide a free service to those who need it most

Children's-Rainbow A special home for special children

Our Rainbow Project: A Special Home for Special Children

The Little Angels’ Trust (LAT) vision is to see that seriously sick and terminally ill children live happy and dignifying lives and therefore our mission to make sure that these brave little ones smile through their pain.

Palliative care in most parts of Africa is non-existent or almost unheard of. This essential care is often given by trained and experienced specialist in the west but in many parts of Africa, this care is given by parents, aunties and other committed relations with no professional help or assistance from any other source.

LAT believes in enriching the lives of seriously sick and terminally ill children regardless of the fact that some of these precious lives will be life-limiting.


Our Aim:

  • Is to provide an avenue for children who may be receiving vital treatments for their conditions.
  • We will provide care on the advice of specialised professional who already involved in these children’s lives.

The Concept

A Unique and cheerful atmosphere. One of its kind in Ghana and to many of these children who are from deprived and often underprivileged backgrounds, this will be the next best thing to heaven and experience they will never forget throughout their lives.

The LAT Home will be free to all children and a break for their caretakers and families. When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening condition such as cancer, the entire family is affected especially the parents and other siblings who are in most cases neglected to concentrate on the sick child.

Who needs us?

Children who have gone through the awful treatment of chemotherapy and traumatic surgeries

  • They will only be referred to us for a short stay when the professionals think it is safe.
  • There will be specific criteria to assess and see if the child’s needs are suitable.

Our Objectives:

  • To Launch this project and raise more Awareness and much needed funds to provide a free service to those who need us most.


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