Little Angels Trust Featured Where Your Donations Go

Where Your Donations Go

Most cancer patients are not adequately covered by an insurance scheme in Ghana, West Africa.

Your donations go a long way in supporting them in numerous areas.

smileyŁ5 for Hospital meals/bed facilities eg bathrooms etc

smileyŁ8 Goes toward Card Registration if patient is not registered

smileyŁ15 Drip/IV

smileyPathology Charges start from Ł32


smileyDoctors and Specialists Consultation Fees from Ł50
smileyChemotherapy Treatments start from Ł60 per session. There are at least six sessions per treatment per child

smileyRadiotherapy Treatments start from Ł120
smileyDiagnostics: ie CP Scans/Xrays start from Ł120 to Ł200
*These figures are only approximations which are peculiar to the healthcare system in Ghana and vary from patient to patient.

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*All figures listed in British Pound.

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